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Riven's breakdowns at the beginning and end of this page are wonderful. The exasperation, if not the tone, mirrors how I felt trying to work out the logic behind this silly revisiting of a silly gag from a silly old comic from a dozen years prior. Weaker (read: more sensible) men would retcon, but me? I have to cling to everything.

Naturally an opera-style valkyrie would have opera glasses. I asked the Carrion Girls guy to help me with what the giant ravens that valkyries ride are called. It turns out they don't have a solid name, so I just got a valid translation of 'great raven' and went with that.

What I don't remember is how I decided that this sudden frantic thing where you can almost hear the ominous music would interrupt the seeming success of this whole plot. It fits right in with RPG shit, right? Plus Riven is literally making sure she'll be born.

It may look kind of awkward perspectivewise atop the palace, but at least it's consistent with previous pictures of the place. Those pillars put a slight wrinkle into the plans, but in the end it worked out. Having Kaen give up his armor to make some incredibly important major large thing bounce was something I planned out a while back.

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