Kiwi Day N

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I hope it's not too unsatisfying that we don't actually get to watch Mjodur doing whatever the hell she does to effect an acceleration spell. I just wanted to keep the action on our heroes, and the success was a foregone conclusion.

Besides, I wanted to do some shit with Kaen, since I had weirdly tied him in with the old comic in that one anniversary episode by saying he was born just as the old comic started. I deliberately avoided them going anywhere that was important in the old comic since there's already so much drawing from that, I wanted it to be DURING that period, but in a place more key to the new comic.

Kaen's dad is absolutely on point here. This is one guy it's fine to appear to without messing with the past, because he's just the right amount of clueless AND helpful. His name is Anderslaus, by the way. I don't think I ever said that in the comic. Actually, if I ever did say his name, then I said something else, but I looked carefully and never found it and then decided it was that.

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