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Yeah Riven's still sleeping off that heavy braining. Anyway Briz is another friend of mine who was way past due adding to the comic. At this point in my life I had few friends who also looked at my stuff (or talked to me much at all), and not a lot of people looking at my stuff that were also friends, so friend-cameos really slowed down. This role really suited her, though. She's a total Glavian type.

I didn't want them buggering off back to the present so quickly! One more quest in the past seemed prudent. Actually it fits in well that the Glavian royal family is super not-proactive. Having a barbarian as the captain of their guard is a little unexpected, but you have to love the berserker wearing a completely literal bear-shirt, right? And thorny wristbands...

Am I the only one who has a problem with the term "like the back of my hand" when obviously the back of your hand is the part that connects to the wrist? Meh.

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