Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Haha the comic commented on a thing I just said in the commentary. Yeah. I hope someday I become good at drawing smaller areas. I like cozy spaces. But the further you pull back, the less perspective affects a scene, and I can't see that stuff well with my extra-butt eyes.

Anyway is Nalon an amusing character? I had fun with her. Like we saw in the last one, she's not dressing the same as the other guards. She's doing shit her own way. It doesn't always work. I like barbarian-type characters for that recurring theme. They're super competent in a few areas, but hopeless outside of that.

It's weird how much Minecraft influenced my terrain-drawing. I like holes in mountainsides a lot. Anyway I like people who say 'pellow' for pillow. Also yay more berserker jokes.

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