Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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It's rare that any onscreen narration text or boxes or whatever are actually meant to be the author talking, but that big of reminiscing was definitely me. I don't recall whether the thorny wristbands were put there purely for the terror-wrist pun, but they definitely seemed more effective in my head.

Ahh okay, she's not the real captain of the guard. That's extra amusing. I wish that one King of the Hill episode had had time to use its original ending where the annoying Bostonian guy wasn't really the one in charge and it was his wife, only Peggy got her sick with the Frito pie so she wasn't able to explain.

I had to resist doing this kind of straight-up lessonry throughout the comic. I like it, and in a few cases, I like when other things do it, but I also know they can get boring and repetitive if overdone. In this case, anyway, my trolls are really specific and I feel like calling attention to that! Also I had drawn the skull already, so...

I don't know why the male island troll example isn't wearing any cool warpaint, but he's probably wearing anklets just as a nod to anyone who recognized the jungle trolls are clearly Blankaesque.

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