Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Kimchi's appreciating the grass trail because he's been on snow and asphalt for so long. I love ice-themed characters, but it's annoying how many of them are overly 'cold-emotion' themed and they're just assholes. Also am I the only one who doesn't find the traditional dress of the prostitute, whether 70s or 19th century, sexy in the slightest?

I specifically wanted to copy a thing you used to see in 90s anime where ice powers are some kind of spray (liquid nitrogen sometimes?) and the frozen items look really dark desaturated blue with jagged coating. Someday I'm going to learn all of those techniques!

It's nice seeing Riv using her tech powers for legit purposes. Also what is with ice characters using weirdly vaguely ice-related shit like that? C'mon guys. I don't wanna see ice cube tray armor on some guy with the power to slow down molecules.

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