Kiwi Day N

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It's funny how it takes til this latter period of the comic to start doing what should have been the basic idea from the beginning: goofing around on fantasy RPG concepts. Imagine blowing your money on some kind of special trinket and it doesn't fit. That happens on Amazon often enough.

I hope just admitting the Monster Maskus was deliberately ripped off helps. Nobody really knows the rules; anyone who says they do is a big liar. I don't remember whether Kupon's major military surplus was deliberately tied in with its struggling territorial history, but let's just say it was because that fits nicely.

I had a lot of fun drawing all the crazy equipment, but you'll see more of that next. The last panel was very much me letting off steam about how it's so much more fun to just make up characters, powers, and concepts, than it is to actually write stories.

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