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Uzi's new styles aren't based on any Trunks outfit either, just some cute hairstylery I'd seen in the likes of The Sisters I think? Something inspired me to add the tinypony. Plus as always, the hair is swept the opposite direction from Mizu's Either way I really wanted Petarvee to draw fanart of Mizu/Uzi like this, and he totally eventually did.

The armor wasn't drawn from anything I can recall, but it was a little bit of a bitch to draw. Making those pauldrons articulate, and trying to keep the collar armor a consistent width was a serious toad in the tear duct.

I hope the references in panel 4 are a mix of obvious and obscure, that's half the fun! I'd explain the least obvious one, but that'd be a spoiler. This whole culmination of Uzi's story was so satisfying to finally put down after planning it for so long. She's such a kooky person, and it's weird to think she was just dicking around all these years, growing more and more jealous.

And then even more fun to plan (I kinda wish one more page had gone by to build it up) was this moment where the bluff breaks and Mizu knows everything is fine. Soroban doesn't transform very often (who remembers Naboros?), but this kind of subterfuge is SO far up his alley.

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