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"Colorize" is a fun Photoshop effect that I miss in Clip Studio. Hel's poetry isn't any prettier even when she's in full magical girl mode. She remains true to her own dang self! Now the ultimate culmination of Robin's trouble-with-teleporting gag comes to its surprisingly serious conclusion! I seriously did plan this.

The shiny pastel rainbow goodness was heavily inspired by Chaos in the Tropics. Top quality webcomic. In retrospect, the teleport-spam is kind of a reversed version of the shit going on during the climactic moments of the Cell fight. I like that.

I'm not sure how well the defeated Uzi's lines make it clear that her glassy body has kinda melted. Returning the eyes back to normal is just one of those things you ought to do when you die, yeah? If you were waiting for the commentary to reveal her last words, I didn't have any in mind. I don't think any creators really do ever think of stuff behind secret lines like that, do they?

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