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Having started drawing it again, I got confused about how Kaen's shirt worked. I mentioned that earlier, but this is when I first questioned it. I don't think it's as bad as Sasha's first skirt. The new armor demands a new tunic!

And when a guy is wearing a green tunic, he might as well pull down some sidelocks. I had a lot of potential new-armor designs, the main thing they had in common is A) I wanted them to be bug-themed, and B) I wanted to use a lot of black and white to save me on coloring.

Of course I couldn't resist leaving Kaen in dark, rich colors. It's just his royal styles (plus I didn't have ot make new color swatches because I always picked his colors from the default palette, even his hair, and his skin is recycled from Kimchi).

You can see Ryazan is pulling his boot down slightly with her hug. Freakin' cutie. If this comic had been made today, I'd have done a kinda "invisible helmet" joke based on Monster Hunter World, and then had to constantly worry about whether he can be heard okay.

Turkeyhandle is a nickname for Tsukihime that I learned from a friend. Aww, hearing Robin do the "(noun)'s it!" again makes me smile. I miss Zetsubou Sensei. This is about the time the manga finally ended, right? Bizarre ending.

The cake thing is a reference to something people say in the webcomics thread a lot: people worry that their thing isn't as good as someone else's, but in real life if you put two cakes next to each other, people are stoked that there are two cakes.

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