Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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The exchange at the beginning of this episode is another thing I had ready for an occasion where it could be slipped in. Man, I love Kaen's sorta double shoulder armor bits and the flexibility they allow, but I was pretty inconsistent about the volume of the upper pauldrons, and there's so much black-touching-black that I had to draw a lot of little gray outlines.

Hel and Kimchi's background antics were an attempt to bring the comic back to its roots where silly fun things happen while people talk. It's a start! But really Ryazan is the star here. She is a real-ass kid. Too much of a real kid to be ready for adventures... but someday, who knows?

One more random thing to point out but I realized later that I've done a Leap Year Day comic every single available time that I could within the time it existed. Don't hold your breath for 2020, but who knows? Well, if this is later when you read this, then you know.

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