Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Man, really far-apart updates here. I don't remember why, but that gets really bad towards the end, so be glad you're reading it now after it's all done. So yeah, I realized we'd been to Zu lake many times, but never returned to the wet grasslands where the annoying singing fish are. Had to check that out one more time!

Riven is straight-up using the Rocket Fishing Rod here. I've never been quite so disappointed as when I found out that this brilliant, amazing product was a piece of junk (a few weeks ago I learned this). It's such a great idea! Let air pressure do the hard work. Oh well.

No disappointment in Kaen's jetpack at least! I wanted to have him test it out, but it was so hard to find time until here. I hope you're amused by how Kimchi's usual grass-growth is causing this super tall grass to almost engulf him.

You can see I'd gotten a little better at below-face shots, but the human kid looks better than the goblin. Like, I kinda couldn't figure out how to do that and didn't try I guess. The art of this part of the comic had come a long way, but I was still flying by my pantseats.

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