Kiwi Day N

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One last April Fools' Day comic, and one last omake. Mainly because I found ways of working any random dumb joke or idea into a normal page.

I thought I'd show off my style-copying skills, honed from drawing fanart. Actually I used to copy comic strip styles a lot just because they were so consistent. It's like how people like making Simpsons or South Park versions of themselves or other characters. Oldschool version of that.

The actual jokes weren't quite as easy to write, though one could argue that Marmaduke's humor is about at that level anyway. Also if we're being technical, I hate it when people make South Park versions of people who are supposed to be significantly older than 10, so I kinda broke that rule making that young-ass Sasha down there, but that's really a mythology gag.

See, she was originally going to look closer to her chronological age as one would expect in a human, and she was very much PeppermintPattyesque, so I just had to squidge it a little.

Though thinking about how I might have tried to draw her taller, I'm only reminded of my very first Sonic OC, who was deliberately drawn twice as tall as the other characters because I hated how short they were. Some shit, you just don't do.

Oh also looking up the correct fonts was slightly challenging. Actually I wonder if there might be legal issues there, had this not been parody.

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