Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Club Pancake was in the old comic but it has been a long time! Tequila worms are larvae, by the way, so they fall under the kind of bugs Kaen is fond of. This bar has a fucking piano on the wall. I don't know how to draw bars. The main bar area looks okay though.

See you thought Robin was doing magic but she was just table dancing. By herself. Then she got it together in time to use a then-brand-new meme! I think. I also think the ginger-dreads guy was in a previous comic, though. He looks familiar.

Panel 6 looks a bit awkward with no drop shadows, I really should have put some there. At least a floor gradient. Everyone looks like they're floating. But that utter lack of perspective clues does allow for that gag at the end, which I'd been preparing ever since someone pointed out how much of the art looks like this (and remember, I started out trying to mimic the look of sprite comics).

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