Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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No really, not trying to keep harping, but there's a wonderful finality to seeing Washi and Veo just plain getting ransacked, and by continuity, AND in a business that totally sounds like something they would have. A lot of people didn't like hearing that the comic was winding up (though more than a few apparently didn't realize it would take a long time to slowly put on the brakes and skid to the finish line. A big mother like this takes a while to stop) but I hope when read all in a row, this starts feeling well-finished.

But what's really great here is that everyone is drunk and sleepy (and maybe a little stoned?) and they stumble 60s-Batman-style onto a bizarre conclusion that turns out to be totally right. And just to make that even better, Hel mentions Matches Malone. It's pottery.

I don't know why Zu City has British style red mailboxen, but they apparently do! Maybe there was a very thorough graffiti artist who just gave it a base coat of red first.

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