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Huh, why did I call it Pidge's Costume Shoppe? New Voltron wouldn't be out for another 2 months. But yeah remember a little while back when they were practicing costumes and disguises? Anytime I do shit like this it's a lot of work, because I have to change gears so hard, so that practice helped me a lot too.

That said, I remember not being able to find the panel where Hel did her disguise thing, in order to try to keep the effect consistent. It's bizarre, because it's RIGHT THERE. On the page. Where they were doing disguise shit for fun.

This was a slightly tough time for me, I think? I've forgotten what, if anything, went on in my life over the last few years. That's probably a defense mechanism. Apparently I was able to look up some German though. Good ol' Deutsch.

I think that despite some of the difficulties in drawing Uzi's outfit, I enjoyed having Mizu don a replica (how she got that, I have no idea. I suppose Uzi herself had to have gotten it from somewhere, but it also seemed to be part of her body?). You notice her hair is still swept the usual direction! At least I hope you notice that.

Having Kaen use the spikiness ring that turns his flute into a spiked mace on his armor is an idea I wanted to use for a while. he's lucky it worked, though, or it would have been very silly. And speaking of silliness, that cute little frogman trying his best with a fairy companion is a sideways reference to The Green Knight, a fantastic webcomic written by a super nice guy that you should totally read.

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