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Hel's HoneyBadger identity was a fun little thing to write. She got way more into it than the others. Plus her claws actually work, so that magic bell really made her a neat disguise. That hanging corpse guy is god damn hilarious, why did I draw his eyes like that? I bet those are fake eyes someone glued onto his head.

Golden Age Lex Luthor is only stealing six cakes. Six cakes! That's not very many, and that's okay. I think that sharkman was another nod to Chaos in the Tropics. I don't remember anymore. I miss that comic a lot. He probably was.

West Tree Academy of Heroes' Neptunia and Miss Melee's Guerreira are making hard on Kaen there, and Mizu is being very calm about that whole thing. She's going to supervise things for sure. That's all the actual cameos on this page, though, the rest are originals.

And speaking of, I had those names Sasha dropped in my notes ready to use for ages. Hopefully Kaen's questioning followed by Riven's explanation satisfies anyone wondering why the retirement age in this setting seems to be so low. I think if they hadn't had kids and all, the old cast probably would have kept adventuring for a while longer.

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