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I think I like Great Mouse Detective more than most people. D'you like how the half troll half lizardman has spikes along the spot where trolls have that extra hair? And how his hair kinda transitions to spikes on his neck?

I forget how I got the idea for poisoned money to mess with the cliché coin-biting thing, but I'm sure it wasn't totally original. There's so many permutations you could do with it, different things with metal, you could have the poison trapped inside...

Basically anytime there's a stock action it's smart, both in-universe and out, to rely on it. Also it reminds me of a scifi story I heard about where some alien culture used uranium as their money. Like their biology was resistant to the radiation poisoning, but it discouraged hoarding wealth because too much in one place and it does... er... what does uranium do when you have a lot of it in one place? It doesn't just explode, right?

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