Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Haha, yes, I remember slipping that 'ginger Flanders' moniker in there after hearing someone in the thread call him that. His reaction to it is the best part. It's unfortunate it took us this long to give his villainous alter ego a name, but what a name.

It's so much fun using Ryou to criticize things. In Robin's defense, her dad has a shadow doppelganger. Riven's guise is so straight out of Adventure Time, would have fit in great as an OC.

It's great that Mizu is so agile even when drunk. I thought this impostor-reveal situation was fantastic because it brings to mind all of the faking-being-blind things, or when you throw an object and reveal someone's left-handed... That's another one, Uzi's right-handed. Didn't even mention that one.

The tagline references Gundam and Help! at the same time. What did YOU do in May of 2016? Hmm?

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