Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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You better BELIEVE I referenced olive branches to make that shot authentic. Look at those thicker lines so Kimchi looks like he's in the foreground! I was so trying.

So here Pud Edna reveals that indeed, that altercation with Natascha's circus was meant to be a distraction. It's ironic that it clued them in, instead.

The pixel weapons were made possible by my finally discovering the Photoshop setting that lets you warp and resize things while preserving aliasing, which also made doing the comic significantly easier (you can sketch without using a sketch layer if you just use one color for the sketch and it's a solid color so it can all be deleted later with a single click).

To add the 'edge' depth I just pasted the warped item above itself and drew connecting lines. Technically that doesn't show the right amount of perspective, but nobody would notice. Also I got pretty lazy with that last step.

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