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Evidently they didn't take time to wonder about Arizona either. I'm sure this isn't the first time the characters sort of "cut the knot" but I think this instance was a deliberate note I wrote to myself like "they have enough abilities at their disposal that locked doors shouldn't matter, they can break through walls."

Kaen's jetpack-powered mace-smash is so dynamicool. I think I was remembering some Maximum Carnage sprites there. That's how it feels. And I love that rubble pile (the second one, with two floors' worth of floors on the floor). Quality rubbs.

See the burn marks on the wall? I want to marry this portal drawing. OH it's nice. Maybe not so much where the purple torches are casting rather faint yellow light on it. For some reason, I remember being very amused with myself about the backup portal in the closet, but now I'm just scratching my head. And not just in that "What do you do if someone wants a non-alcoholic beer, Apu?" way either.

I realize commentary is no place to attempt to autofellate, but that is a HELL of a nice establishing shot of Hell there. I just feel so good about how much the art in this comic used to suck, and how much less it sucks after 2015 or so.

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