Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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In fact, I probably should have just said Hel transformed in order to fight more random encounters!! Oh well, there wasn't time. If you notice, these comics were taking longer than usual to make. I don't think that changes from here through the finale. Not for the better.

The demon buildings are based on those neat hexagonal stone formations from... you know the ones.. they're volcanic, right? I had a picture of them saved to make into buildings because how cool is that? Sure, they'd have trouble getting around to the different floors, but demons can fly. Not sure they would even need or want buildings, honestly.

I hope you'll forgive only two fangirling demons here but they were already a lot of work to add, and I think I did well on their personalities. I mean Mally has legwarmers on her feet AND painted hooves. I'm not even going to pretend they weren't influenced by Bratty and Catty from Undertale.

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