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Finally after all that buildup, Robin finally does one-on-one magical workshopping with Hell's Belle! We even find out how exactly the chanting helps her focus. I love how she namedrops the toy-packaging name for Ratchet, a thing they use for any Transformers character whose name is just a normal word... which is a lot, because that's how they name them.

I love any excuse I can find to draw mecha in this comic. Robin's next thing is probably inspired by Tina Branford's genjuu form. I think I was watching DemonTomatoDave streaming FF6 at the time.

When Robin is waxing about fun magical spell phrases, that's me having written myself a note that it'd be fun to try writing some of those. Like the shit people say in Tales games. Problem is, those are super hard to write, and not really Hel's style. So I think the resolution solution here worked.

It certainly worked for those demon fangirls. Man, it is hard drawing blood raining onto already-red ground.

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