Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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He's just... hanging out of his window, all tuckered out from giving his backstory. Aww. You know, I remember actually having difficulty drawing the bits of junk from the golem despite being allowed to draw it all smashed. Still trying to keep it consistent.

That is a gorgeous plant. I remember actually enjoying drawing that. This comic reallllly got me paying more attention to vegetation. I don't know what other pun Hel's thinking of, I think at the time I must have had an alternative in mind. I don't think soundalike-phrases should be considered the same thing as normal puns, but whatever.

So this is something I was originally going to save for the very final battle, then I realized A) they're not going to be in Hell and it's gotta be pretty hard to find demon hair anywhere else and B) even if it is super OP, so what? Let Sasha be overpowered for a while. She's earned it.

And so the diablopilo becomes diablovellus. I was going to make it 'velo' but that's stretching Dog Latin too far. You can see where the existing hair is noticing the new hair and joining up. I guess it has some intelligence, I mean it's just a severed body part.

Hey what's with all the weird pink kinda chode blimps in this page? Those are weird. Naw but really, I -kept thinking of more things this was a ripoff of- after coming up with it. I think new things came out (or I became aware of) between when I thought of it and when I drew it.

At least visually, though, I think it's pretty unique. I had some trouble deciding what form it should normally take (especially the parts going up onto her neck and face, which were super hard to make distinct anyway), and I got a lot of different feedback about that. At least a few people super didn't like this change to Sasha's look. All I know is I want to see it in action figure form with real actual metallic fur.

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