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I remember around this time I got advice from someone to look up those classical paintings of Hell, and I think I had already written myself a note to do just that. But when you actually look closely, those depictions are a bit on the wacky side. Reminds me of the You Can't Do That on Television intro.

So I decided to be a bit more 'myself' in designing some weird hellscapes. Could have pushed it way further, but was trying to wrap up the dang comic. Every time I drew the 9 at the beginning of the comic number, I was like "shit is this going to end before I hit 4 digits?" because I really wanted a good round number in the end, and was rapidly discovering I had little control over that.

The fungi on that giant meiolania skeleton look better than the ones in Mycopolis, I must say. Look at the happy skellies playing around. The crystals on the stone head are another attempt at copying some glowing crystal effect from that one time in Atomic Robo, which I mentioned earlier. Not sure where upside-down houses inhabited by hell wasps came from, though.

So see how the diablovellus has limited substance, and when it whips out a tentacle to swing around, it bares part of Sasha? I was pretty loose with that, thinking it wouldn't have to be totally consistent as long as I made an effort. Hair volume changes dramatically, after all.

At least once, someone in the webcomics thread told me they were unable to follow the plot and didn't know why they were going where they were going, so this little recap is more than just in-character.

I have heard several more versions of the 'that's a lifetime supply because you'll die' gag since making this page. Feels good man. Unlike raw garbanzo beans. Artichokes and sesame, I can tolerate, but only in small doses.

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