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Imagine falling down a hole and then before you can worry about any of it, all your friends have piled on top. Those are real friends. I know it sounds extra dumbtards, but I actually had written myself a note to have them hit branching paths more often and have to choose left or right kinda shit.

Mizu goes all real-lifey about the difficulties in making choices, whereas in videogames most of the time the problem is you want to hit both paths, so you hope you make the "wrong" choice first, since the "right" one is likely to lock you into something. Also I tried hard to make the paths look like distinct directions, but does that actually make sense in 3D? I can't tell.

I mean since I pasted those twice, they'd better look good. The shots of the characters climbing don't look great. Oh and having someone accuse someone else of being scared and having them clarify it's some different emotion that doesn't really go with the phrase is another note I wrote myself.

It's a major pet peeve of mine that people assume all negative emotions and judgments are fear. Meanwhile it's like my favorite when simple things like walking-somewhere end up going comically wrong. I could write the fuck out of 20s-30s comedies.

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