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You like this backstory here? I'm typically reluctant to add too much that's uniquely mine to what's meant to be a "fantasy kitchen sink" because why do that when there's so much to pull from, so when it comes to stuff like this I try to make it feel like it's just a variant of what you've heard before. This version of Hell is a bit like Minecraft's, a bit like the dimension Nightcrawler teleports through, and even just on a meta level something you could see as part of a videogame's program, complete with glitches.

The feel I always want to get across is like when you first discovered anime and you noticed there were these tropes they would repeat that aren't a reference to any one particular franchise. Like robots that look like samurai, dashing tuxedo-clad masked guys, bug-eyed spandex-suit helmet fellows, etc. You get this impression that those things are just "the way it is in fiction as a whole" and so any repeating of that makes you instantly feel like what you're watching fits in and belongs.

The portal effect took kind of a while, I just kept copying and pasting and color-shifting the outline and rotating it a bit and shrinking it each time. These weird fractal creatures that appeared were inspired heavily by the "web" creatures from ReBoot.

Anything coming out of a hole that's somehow way worse than a typical fantasy portal hole needs to be REALLY EXTRA ALIEN. Unfortunately, that kind of thing is a lot easier to write than it is to draw.

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