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Knowing what we know later about the lantern soul person, her reaction here is pretty funny. Just like when they had a damn valkyrie and a priest capable of summoning valkyries and they start talking about outer space and shit.

I'm just glad there was actual combat going on here while everyone talks. Too often you may have noticed I forgot that, and it long since stopped being worth it for the humor of making fun of it after noticing it.

So yeah sometime before this, I forget when, I realized I had somehow skipped comic #866. It wasn't the first time, but it was the first time I had forgotten for SO MANY EPISODES that it would be unfeasible to go back and fix it. I told the webcomics thread about it, and they pointed out that this is the kind of comic that can play with that.

Now the thing is, I'm kinda OCD about numbers and shit. Keeping things orderly. Even if the art's kinda loose... so I really wasn't sure what would be worth doing with it, but it ended up being completely worthwhile. This revelation worked damn well on several levels, and gave me an even better plot device than I was trying to make by just having Mizu's sword skip the trip.

But it helps if ideally you never noticed either, then you go back and look, then you read the commentary and know for certain that it was a genuine accident. At least I hope it worked. Also I hope you're familiar with the "according to keikaku" meme or that tagline will backfire pretty hard.

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