Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Also yeah, just like those times when reality was fucking up and I included a replication of a glitch that ComicGenesis was adding to the comic files, Riven is referencing stuff here that literally only makes sense to long-time readers with gooood memories of something that only happened briefly. I really did have to go fix Riven's number of toes in like a dozen strips, around that time when she took her boots off on the beach... I forget which beach.

Chastity lays down a little explanation here. There was a lot I had to think about to make things line up with the eventual revelation of her identity, and I was flying by the seat of my phants slightly more than usual.

I hope in the end it makes sense and feels like good foreshadowing. Really there are occasional goofemups mainly involving how someone would know something. But hey, how does she know where to find that hellephant? Yeah.

I think the tagline's reaction to Kaen's impressively corny dad-joke is a little too vague, so for once I'm happy to just explain this one. Out of This World is the title of a super hard videogame. There.

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