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Those thick outlines used to try to make perspective more clear! Ahhh! I was practicing. The Pits of Madness were a reallll lot of work to draw repeatedly, since I wanted them to have a haphazard but recognizable strata layer thing. That meant keeping it somewhat horizontally consistent, and it also made shading stupidly harder since I hadn't yet picked up on the right way to do that.

Nobody has ever picked up on Gyomudo's name reference, so I guess I should spell it out here. It's an anagram of Doom Guy. I guess it's one of those Clark Kent things where nobody suspected there even would be a joke in the name. I even had Chastity call him "a fish out of his pond" so it sounded like it was just a legit Nihongo thing (I can't quite remember how that translates though).

His backstory is the culmination of lots of stuff I wanted to use, mashed together. A guy volunteering to be in Hell to hold back something bad enough that even death doesn't stop it, a person in a sacrificial situation losing their sanity and thus ruining the purpose of what they're doing, plus, y'know, wanting to include Martians in the comic.

His personality was supposed to be the key clue about his namesake, but later I realized everything I thought was Doom was actually Duke Nukem and Evil Dead, so I just went with that. I also had written down that I should give someone a gun with a big heavy blade on the end so that the gun itself can be used more like an axe than the usual spear that a bayonet provides.

I love pistol grips so dang much, and there's a weird kind of satifaction in heavy downward blade strikes, I dunno. Is that just me? Too esoteric? Either way the shotgun is just iconic for demon slayers.

Kaen and Riven discussing Earth seemingly having a disproportionate amount of alien weird shit arriving is in direct response to the Transformers movies, but is certainly something to notice in a lot of franchises going back hella decades. I like it when they at least try to come up with an in-universe reason.

Of course all of the thought put in here doesn't excuse how freaking long the gap was between this episode and the last. I do not remember what happened, but it might have actually been me having to sit and ponder hard about how the plot would work. I remember one week where I just couldn't think to save my life.

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