Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Love those blast effects. Those are very much something I picked up from game sprites, so that fits with this comic's attempt at making sprites into drawings. Only took me 14-ass years to get it right.

I had trouble writing Gyomudo's dialogue despite having the basic "flavor" of it clear in my head. The fact that I unironically use that kind of slang all the time doesn't help. I did really enjoy all these poses of his, though.

I specifically designed my Martians way long ago to just look like awesome killing machines who can adopt lots of cool poses and still chill out later. So many influences in there I wouldn't even try to count them.

All those veins though? Didn't enjoy drawing those. I mean I guess they're arteries, but for some reason we always say veins when they're visible. That is not how the cardiological system works. This is also the first time I examine that, despite all that crazy space-folding shit and the questions of atmosphere in a continuous Hell, there is the normal expected gravity in this realm. It's not even on a sphere, that's weird. That's some weird shit man.

I didn't mean to have Sasha "job" so much with her new diablovellus, it really is extra powerful and useful, it's just she got it and then this was the first major fight. Oh and can we talk about that lantern design for a second? Jesus, look how consistently I drew it. And from so many angles.

All the stuff having to show differently through its little windows... that was a significant amount of work, yet I didn't cheap out and try to always draw it from the side or anything. Give me a hug.

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