Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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One thing I knew would annoy me a little is how I designed Martians way back around the time of the old comic with these pterosaurian wings that kinda have to fold the hell out of the way for normal arm gestures. You'll see that struggle over the rest of the pages with Gyomudo in them, particularly any time he does a palm-up gesture. Think about it, where's the pinky gonna go?

Also I had to keep track of where he put his gun a lot, which hearkens back to Oak before he had a scabbard. Heightwise, he's supposed to be a bit unusually tall by human standards, but especially in this form he's so gremliny that it was hard to keep that straight.

I specifically wrote myself a note in the SCRIPT file (so you know I thought it was urgent) to never forget he's got double nipples. I hope it doesn't seem too random that this pit had weird metal tentacles in it, I did establish in the establishing shot that the Pits of Madness are full of just whatever. Eyeballs, everything.

The slug kinda saving the day has to be something nobody saw coming, right? I guess a "bear garden" is a place where stabby kinda animal sports are held, but I feel like I had something else in mind when I wrote that? Totally forgot now. Pea stalks is a great pun though.

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