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Jesus, I straight up didn't draw Hel's tiara in the first panel. I'm fixing that now, but that's the biggest art fix I've had to make this entire time. Can't believe that stayed up for 2 years. Those are the kinds of errors I don't make meta references to.

I had to think really fucking hard about what exactly keeps Gyomudo in Hell, and what his motivations are. I think that's what caused that big update gap earlier, actually, now that I think of it. It wasn't enough for me to write some magic rules and stick with them, for the tone to be right it had to be something that made inherent sense.

The Sken Queen's backstory, at least, wrote itself nicely. Speaking of art errors, Kimchi's leaves are missing their veins a lot in the last few episodes, but I don't mind that. That's the sort of thing a sensible artist does deliberately instead of slavishly making the level of detail the same whether close-up or zoomed-out.

I remember my dad would get on my case for posing action figures in ways where tails looked phallic. I didn't even realize I was doing that. The old TMNT figure Walkabout had that issue a lot.

Then at some point it occurred to me she should have asked them to break open her lantern. That doesn't make sense even when we find more stuff out later. Oh well. Oh and naming the jail place Xeol was a mix of Sheol and Gaol. That's clever, right? Even if it doesn't read that way at all outside of my head.

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