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God, when it's drawn properly, Martian anatomy is so cool. I could see having, like, fan OCs. Originally I had their wings go floppy and flaccid when not in use, but that's lame. Martians do largely not want people lookin' at their dingdongery, but only just that one spot, the rest they expose willy nilly (but not willy or nilly).

Part of what makes my Martians distinct is the deserty turbany outfits, though I really never was completely happy with this one. The baldrick helps give him a place to store his gun (I love that I drew him holstering it and then realized it was the wrong side), and the color scheme is right, but there's just something unsatisfying about it. Also really hard to keep the turban's proportions consistent. Or his bare head for that matter.

I love that Kaen has noticed the picture of the friends Gyomudo referenced, one of whom we can recognize as the former Belle Kitty, but he doesn't know any of that so he has to make that clear too. Also I didn't realize how big the boomstick was until Riven had to hold it like that.

Writing Gyomudo's emotionality though was a lot of fun. I had to imagine all of his lines in Lou Gossett Jr.'s voice. Just now I had to go check and make sure Gossett was still alive. I hope he still is when you read this.

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