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Wait a minute, he said he didn't have to make his decision until they got into the prison, and they were going there regardless... Oh well. Point is Robin turned him around with her sweetness.

I think I nailed the weird greasy iridescent pattern on Xeol Tower. It's supposed to look heavily enchanted against escapes. This is the kind of thing I never could have done before getting cataract surgery and being able to see the really subtle color shifts. Of course the place is crumbling, so that foreshadows a little here, and the design still isn't great because I will never be an architect.

I've discussed before how I love stupid guard clichés. I think I got that way from old cartoons where someone would yell angrily at an automated system asking for a password and one of the seemingly unlikely words they yelled would turn out to be the password.

I wanted to mix that up with a "having to bluff a number and not even getting the digits right" gag a la King of the Hill or Coneheads, and then subvert that. You feeling subverted yet? I'm proud of Riven's expression and it was great to get to use the ol' fall-over-crash thing again. I feel bad when I forget to use anime stuff.

You know the update schedule really slowed for this, the last year of the comic, but there were also a LOT more panels, so that's okay. Hey did you notice this skellyman has a dog skull for a head? I hope you imagined a suitably funny voice for him. Also haha keycards! Because Doom.

One time in the webcomics thread we brainstormed a bunch of subverted 'behind you!' situations, and I only ended up using a few, but they were all great. I don't know why, but Carob is the perfect name for a cerberus. Like it's not just phonetic, but the fact that that's fake chocolate and choco hurts dogs.

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