Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Finally we get a peek at this creature with so much buildup, and she's out with a simple Teen Girl Squad reference. I went through a lot of sketches of what she might look like, since Sken were an existing species I made up that shares Mars with the Martians.

The elongated head spikes are meant to look kinda witchy, and the long fingers too. Shading got so annoying on her that I finally stopped using separate colors for each and just went through with a different coloring-mode on so one color would highlight or shade every color it was applied to.

Anyway, enough of her, more later. This other big reveal was not quite so smooth as I wanted it, and there were bumps in the logic as I planned it out. Like the name thing... I had to have nobody call her by name the entire time Gyomudo was around, including him.

What's more, I didn't even have anyone explaining at this point that they had been tricked into freeing the Queen, or even how. I'm not even sure, actually. The implication is she could have escaped the physical building at any time, but Gyges would have resisted, and it wouldn't have done her any good? Yeah...

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