Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Tenshi's fate is amusing, and her redesign was fun to draw. Even her little odango are pointy now, and the braid is like a devil tail. It's precious! Are you digging the bronze tetsubo? Which I guess would be a... doubo. And Tenshi is ever so adoubou. And now I want some chipotles. See because they wouldn't wield iron because it can hurt them...

At least we get to know the real Belle Kitty's name here. And the heroes piece together Ryou's involvement even if not its nature, so that's fine. The plot is moving along well enough. I had a few more mini-adventures I really wanted to do, so I postponed moving right into the endgame. I'm glad, too, it wouldn't have ended on a good number regardless.

Sasha's habit of calling Gyomudo 'Green' is darling. Even if people say my characters all sound alike, and I know it's true a lot and I often don't even write dialogue with specific characters in mind, they still sound distinct to me.

Also you like her outfit? I figured if she's not in battle, she can pull that shit into some more casual clothes. It's just a shame wolf mode doesn't come up so we can see it wearing the whole thing. Just didn't have a good time or place! And I was juggling a lot, so I forgot.

Oh, having a little village in a supremely hilly place was another thing I'd written down to do. Is that even interesting to read about? Does anyone care whether I had things like that sitting around for a while before using them? Maybe I should talk about how I kept having to draw a little grey line to make Kaen's belt show up against the black part of his armor. Or how I've had to fix several instances of not coloring the pauldrons in that sat for 2 years without anyone noticing.

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