Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Even with this gap, Gyomudo spends so much time with Mizu-tachi that he should probably count as a main character. I dunno, he definitely needed a break though. Wasn't going to have him start traveling with them and bring the party up to 8.

It's pretty satisfying to be able to say they have a way to meet up again later so they can just totally go to random locations. I wonder if there's any way to make a videogame with that kind of mechanic.

For the last split-up of the comic, I wanted to give each group a little something to talk about. There's a bit of oppositery in it, but also I tried taking control of the usually-too-random plot and specifically coming up with obstacles each group would be uniquely capable of taking care of, and ONLY them... while at the same time, having them miss each other and each other's abilities. Do I get points yet?

As if representing that on a meta level (haha naw I'm not that clever) I finally draw a forest whose trees look like they belong together and aren't just schizophrenically patchy.

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