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Fuck, I miss Golan the Insatiable. That was such a major but brief part of my life. Weirdly this is kind of the first real chance Kaen gets to make use of his new armor in a defensive scenario, since the others did most of the shining in the last trip to Hell, and before that he was in disguise.

That's weird, right? Sometimes I get why other authors don't worry much about what kind of cool tools and abilities characters have, and instead focus on story and shit. Hey I'm focusing on story too though! While arcs are getting tied up, Hel has a real frreal talk time with Kaen about her kooky moneylust.

I still don't feel that whole putting-work-into-the-backgrounds thing, though. Lotta work went into these and I just glossed the fuck right over them when I read it just now.

There was a real sense of fulfillment when I set out with the goal of "characters should disagree about X" and then the dialogue actually got written in a satisfying way.

I had some opportunities to really flex my desire to do more extreme expressions (well, less neutral), and I even got to throw in a cheeky response to "being A doesn't make you B." So much fun had here.

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