Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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We should probably all count ourselves lucky that I never found an in-context way to use that third blurb Robin blubs out in panel 1. But I had to use it sometime. Am I the only one who reallly hates the word 'hubby'? Really anything is better.

Of course Mizu isn't still thinking of Kimchi as a kid, that arc closed ages ago. But she might be ribbing him a bit intentionally. I don't think this group has as much going for it as the others, and that's fine.

Shopping Fun is a title I planned to use in my old anime story idea Fallen Leaf, back when Engrish just flowed out of me. It's harder to do intentionally now. I hope that set the mood. What the fuck are those bags actually sitting on? Also really that's basically a garage sale / boot sale, isn't it?

I honestly think Hel wants Kaen to buy her a dress purely so she can say he did. I think maybe a friend inspired this though? It's fuzzy.

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