Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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In Riven's defense, it's not as if there's only one forest on the entire planet with karasutengu in it. I love how she's the one who gets to come here after she's the one who deliberately had the party avoid it way earlier.

Of course, in order to match that place, I had to change the trees, but that's okay... Forests are like that! Okay maybe not quite this diverse, but there's magic doods in there, so I get a pass.

That is a weird ship, right? It's weird. I based it on a full-body pose I saw in a pose reference collection and thought 'when would anyone use that?' I hope everyone appreciates the fact that, on the last little adventure-outing before the FINAL final battle, more important things are just blundered into. To be able to retire after that, you must have to just mentally jam your fingers in your ears and la-la-la that there's no other dangerous crud going on that you should attend to.

The little CRT filter I applied doesn't look fantastic here, mainly because I didn't use the fun new way I had learned using actual filters, because the downscaling affected it a lot. So I actually just did liney overlays. Evidently the diablovellus is NOT sharper than alien claw-machine-claws, so that's something for the wiki if there ever is one, I guess.

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