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I don't think there's ever been a reference to there being another goblin band (aren't goblins usually a band, not a tribe? Eh, both.) besides the Mako Cave ones. Mizu is good enough to make it clear she's at least familiar with them so the reader isn't totally scratching their head. Yeah.

I do find it amusing that they only SLIGHTLY remember Moria though. At some point I realized that she probably isn't from the goblin tribe everyone is familiar with and has friends in, or like.. they'd have seen her? I guess? Drawing goblin skin tone variety is really weird and hard.

I had an opportunity once during a DemonTomatoDave stream to use "easting as east as we can" in context and he liked it and named the episode that. I felt so proud.

If only this joke about a group all doing flaccid applause to save on their hands (nevermind that goblins are infamous for durable hands I think) took off. I'd love to have credit for that. Fuckin hurts MY hands to applaud.

Also it was so much fun drawing Moria again. Weirdly satisfying. I liked her even back then and wished she had done more. I also enjoyed giving that one 'blin a forehead-moustache. It's always cute when oldtimey people have those.

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