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Naturally, salad aside, Hel has no use for a dressing room, and wherever the hell they are gives no shits. Did I ever even remember to identify where this market is? Well whatever, the important questions are asked and answered here. About tail notches. Hopefully Hel's affliction here isn't too gross, but more relatable. We've all made mistakes, right? Shit mistakes. The Alchemist did.

I wanted to comment on the convenient of RPG vendors selling cures to shit that's endemic to the area, but really, how much is there to say? It's convenience. Same as when enemies drop them. Actually, has Kaen never been to Fort 1-E at all? Did they only go that one time? That's really sad.

Eltsen Chocolate is such a weird gag. I just really, really wanted to write Nestle backwards. I looked up the logo and everything. Why did I think that would be so funny? Anyway this isn't the first time I dabbled with Kaen using his masculine wiles (wait, is it?) but I had it written down for ages to do it more, and to have the glasses removal have this funny result.

In fact given how hella blind he is, I can't believe I never did any Velma-ass lost-my-glasses routines with him. In any case, it was worth it for that tagline.

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