Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Now logically, there's less than no reason that the claw-machine tentacle-arm things pulled them in and put them in gashapon capsules and dropped them out of a painstakingly-drawn giant gumball-machine thing, but... it's a big universe! And those haven't been invented yet in this setting, so maybe they come from Europan tech!

That's the Jupiter sign on that thing by the way, encased in a circle which in my system makes it a Jovian moon sign. It's so weird finding out that the outer-planet alchemical symbols are so recently-created.

I had wanted to draw a brain jar robot because they're so fun and kitschy and disturbing, but why not go less boring and make it an alien, right? I'm surprised I waited longer than this page to show a living Europan. At some point I learned patience.

Of course having a brain jar robot whose brain is stupidly large evokes Dr. Wheelo. I worked realllly hard on Sinciput's design here, you don't even know. And later you'll see part of what made it extra difficult, too. I actually bothered to try to keep the brain consistent and everything.

Sinciput means forehead, by the way. There's some nice foreshadowing here. Also I hope the fact that this guy specifically captures and collects unique hybrids and unusually rare beings makes him less of a boring ripoff of other collector aliens who pick up last-of-their-kinds and shit. Those have been done to death, though for obvious reasons. They're cool.

Look at that, a different kind of claw thing! Yeah.. I didn't like drawing the other ones. I hope you'll forgive all of these weird portmanteaux. You could say on a meta level that since he likes unique biological combinations, he peppers his language with linguistic ones... but really I just liked 2 or 3 of the ones I came up with, and the rest were sort of a frame.

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