Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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So... notice anything different here? This is when I upped the canvas size AGAIN, so I was working at 2700 px wide. I really should have done that from the beginning, but it was probably better for me to ease into it. I guess the line quality is improved, but it's really not all that noticeable.

The main idea I think was just to give me even more room to spread out and draw. I feel like panel 3 wouldn't have looked so nice before. Speaking of, some people have taken Hel saying "now" to mean her fuzzies only just grew in. I do not think that's the case, even she's not that late a bloomer.

But wait let's go back to panel 2, okay? Because I really had such a strong urge to do this pun... you don't even know. It relies on a real life brand, which loses it some points, but I had several webcomic peers doing stuff about fairies and all that seelie stuff and I just freakin' had to.

Answering a 'seriously' question with 'yes, but not seriously' is another joke I had itching to use for ages. I feel like maybe I could have picked better opportunities, but it's also one that could definitely be reused.

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