Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Of course the up in canvas size meant I couldn't reuse any of those painstakingly-drawn shots of Sinciput without them being really small now, but I was already dedicated to not only not do that, but to even try out different angles. Look at panel 3! I had people just telling me to vary it up and dangit, they were right. It's varied.

There's consistency here with Riven not being offended by invasive medical examinations. Science is her friend. Also, her questioning the odd nature of how usual science applies to hybrids makes me think of any time in scifi when some creature's supposed to be hit by an evolution ray or something, and it's a hybrid. How's that gonna work?

We should all be very proud of Riven for actually escaping from something that's already deadly to normal shit AND hits her big weakness. I have noticed that machinery automatically shorting out when it gets wet seems to be a dead trope, but I assert that it should be replaced by just "if you remove the protective covering, THEN it can" sequences.

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