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Fuckin callbacks, man. She had that saved up, and then Riven wasn't even here... There's so many little verbal exchanges I had written down in advance. I just hope they amuse properly. At the very least they should put things in the right mood. And maybe spread, why not?

Now see unlike the other groups in this here splitup, it's not so much the characters interacting with each other as this time they have a parallel with the villain! And to think she was originally supposed to be Riven's parallel (hence the name).

It was fun drawing Shino back in his very earliest comic appearance. You might have thought the change was just me forgetting how I drew him, but you'd be... right! But I'm retconning that as a real hairstyle change. Nyeh! Now just try not to think about how Hel's hair gained scalloped edges.

Also in the time since I last had to come up with a new Mizuumi outfit, Dragon Ball Super came out. Whatever else it did extremely wrong, at least I had a new Trunks outfit to use, just in time for the perfect time to use it! Naturally young Oak is rocking not-Link pajamas and then one of those haramaki that became really weirdly popular in Zelda for pre-tunic outfits.

I actually did have a little trouble thinking about the timelines of when Shino left to be mayor of Zu City. I'd just established the length of his career and it was... a lot. It's weird to only just here start thinking about how Mizu's brothers are both so much older than her and had positions of authority and independence, but damn if it didn't suit this plotline perfectly to have her reflect for a bit!

That last flashback is a little odd because it takes place AFTER the old comic. I don't remember if the hoodie is a Trunks outfit reference or not, but I think so. I felt weirdly obligated to have every unseen-era have its own distinct look for each character to help people follow along nicely.

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