Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Beegoyles were in the old comic! Ah that was a time. Just now for the first time I wondered why things that turn to stone always turn into kinda rough like cast-concrete rock, never like a perfect petrified replica of their body. I guess the tiny fibers of stone hair would disintegrate immediately (and probably start giving people mesothelioma).

Looks like in addition to a second group of goblins, we get to see a separate group of elves! Who knew? The baby elf riding a corgi was another note I wrote myself ages back. Had to be done. He's got so much personality.

That armoceros reference will make sense if you read the old comic. I guess I never explained how Kaen knows all the songs to charm different bugs. He made one vague reference to how he's been practicing, and that was it. Looks like I forgot to color in the KiraGinShou in one panel, but that's fine. White is close enough to silver.

Theresa is a character from another very good friend of mine, the last friend-cameo. I believe she's based on a Gaia Online character. Remember Gaia? I like her flower petal dress, but it was tricky I tell you what. I wonder if all elves are matriarchal or if it's coincidence the two groups in this comic are.

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