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I remember reading somewhere that it's unrealistic for spaceships to have such wasted space everywhere. I guess it makes sense, since real life submarines are cramped as fuck to cram everything in, and real space stations already have more space than they want as the small behind-wall-space is just somewhere for debris and water to collect.

But I dunno, there's something really pleasant about having somewhere to hide in a story like this. It's not even that big a ship from the outside, but we know full well that doesn't limit Lerenian tech, so Europans are probably further along than that even. Riven even starts talking about that stuff at the end. I will always love her for being an outlet for my overthinking my dumb shit.

Did you notice I made the weird bolts on the floor panel something unusual instead of regular real life screws? I also love how in order to make anything look techy you just have to add a lot of weird random lines and greebles.

Kaguya is not nearly as cool with being probed. She has filled out a lot in the timeskip, but her height still makes it difficult framing shots with her. I probably should have given her the cliche girly run though, that's cute to draw.

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