Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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One more goldlords reference. I think I had only just learned what the term plutocrat meant, so Hel's mistake reflects mine. That makes the comic officially smarter than me. You have to cut me some slack though, I had mainly heard it used in the context of Mr. Burns.

I think I was trying to make the text a little smaller here, since the new larger canvas made it possible and people had complained about my text being too big... but really, I like the large text going across mainly the top of panels. It's all Paper Mario styles.

Hey did you notice I consciously avoided having all the elves dress in green, so they'd stand out a bit from Luanna's elves? No? Well have you ever noticed how difficult it is to draw fairy wings actually flapping? There's like no room when they're jutting out of a human back.

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